Thumb Tendonitis Splint – Best Way to Immobilize Your Thumb

Nowadays many people are spending much time on computers unlike before. With this frequent and prolonged use of computers or laptops, we may have experienced pain from it and that pain maybe an underlying condition that suggest immediate treatment. Participating in a long and exhausting piano lessons and even sports that utilizes the use of our wrist can also cause pain. If you are already experiencing this symptom, then you might want to consult your physician for this reason. This may be a symptom of tendonitis of the wrist and thumb or what is also known as tenosynovitis.


Common symptoms of thumb tendonitis splint

Tendonitis of the wrist and thumb or tenosynovitis can be caused by the inflammation and irritation of the tissue that surrounds the tendons of the thumb. The inflammation is may be due to the reasons that is stated above and also may be due to the trauma you experienced while on play or other activities that might put too much impact on your wrist, which is a common symptom of tendonitis. When you extend and bend of your wrist you will feel pain and when you form a fist with the thumb inside, it can also be excruciatingly very painful. These symptoms are the basis for diagnosing tendonitis of the wrist and thumb or tenosynovitis.

Some solution for the prevention of the thumb tendonitis splint

Rest is the most advisable and effective way in order to treat tendonitis of the wrist and thumb. Three weeks of rest from any movement as advised once the pain and also the inflammation has already started. Wearing a thumb tendonitis splint is also possible so that the wrist is not that stressed when you are working on your daily activities. But the treatment should be continued. Thumb tendonitis splint or braces as it is called by others, is sold in the market already and has been an important material in emergency cases like tendonitis, sprains or strains. Thumb tendonitis splint allows flexion and finger dexterity. There are many thumb tendonitis splint that is designed to fit any wrist and thumb sizes. This is designed to allow 90 degrees of full palmar flexion and full finger dexterity. It allows excellent mobilization of the thumb as well because the proximal circumferential strap of a thumb tendonitis splint provides superior fixation of the radial stay. But using braces for too long can also weaken the muscles of the wrist. So it is also advised to remove the splint most often and place it back after a day or two.

Therefore, preventing tendonitis of the wrist and thumb is easy. If you know the cause then is obvious to avoid from it. Do not overuse your wrist. Take time to wrist if the reason is your work. Overusing it may result to a more severe and worse condition and you might not be able to use them again.

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